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Wordpress web development is the simplest and easiest process to help with your website operation in less time. All you need to do is install wordpress, since it is a free blogging platform, if implemented properly it can help in attracting more clients for your business and generate better sales.

Wordpress web development is an extremely powerful marketing tool and allows you to gain a free pre built site which can highlight some targeted aspect like content, sales and profits of your site. Wordpress has made an impression on many developers and become the most sought after open source CMS. Wordpress consists of highly advanced multimedia support with rich text editor.

Wordpress is a very user friendly CMS and mostly free of cost expect some templates and plug-ins. Once you have a wordpress design installed on your site, it is very simple to use and you can either edit or add pages which can help you control your site however you will still need a professional to help you create your own custom template. Wordpress web development provides good quality in terms of the template which have been designed and tested by some of the best designers in the industry resulting in superior functionality and quality. One of the biggest advantages is that Google works wonders with Wordpress and the file system contents it offers. Wordpress is greatly optimized for search engines and gives them what they need in terms of results.

Since wordpress is a content management software, it helps you create content quicker without the requirement of FTP, one can create, edit, delete and even add new content as many times as needed. Wordpress focuses on web principles and usability and is an innovative and contemporary platform. Listed below are some more benefits of using wordpress web development:
Efficiency of cost: This being the most vital feature of using wordpress web development for a website, since it can be easily downloaded from the internet except for some templates, it is better compared to other CMS.

Simple to use: Wordpress web development is easy and convenient to use, its applications are very user friendly and one does not need any extra technical skills to use wordpress. You can use it by sending an email or by using Microsoft word.

Search Engine Friendly: Wordpress is SEO friendly and this ensures that your website is likely to get optimum results on Google and other search engines increasing the possibility of more visitors, leads and sales.

Easy to Install: Installation of wordpress is an easy task and all it needs is a click on the wordpress link and voila it’s done! Some basic questions will be required by the software, once that is done, your wordpress is ready to use.

Extreme Functionality: In case of any special functionality needed for your blog, there are expert programmers who have created wordpress plug ins similar to the wordpress web design themes. On wordpress.org website one can find more than 5000 plug-ins.

Automatic updates and upgrades: Wordpress web development offers you automatic updates and upgrades. The benefit of this is that as and when there is a newer version available, it conveniently upgrades without you doing anything manually. Besides this there are plenty of add on features like plug ins, widgets, layouts and designs for free. These can be altered as per your specifications.
Superior Administration: Wordpress can easily balance the server load and endure traffic spikes. It also ensures that your website operates smoothly despite web traffic.

No spam or Back up needed: There is always a back up which wordpress keeps on your blog, so now there is no requirement for you to back up your blogs and there is absolutely no issue of spam with wordpress. It blocks spam at the back end.

Whether you are utilizing or desire to utilize wordpress to augment your blog or content management system, we can aid you in:

  1. Creating sites & blogs
  2. Custom plugin programming
  3. Installation as well as maintenance of WordPress sites
  4. Migrating to WordPress
  5. Changing PSD files to WordPress theme

WordPress is a content management system that works on the basis of PHP as well as on MySQL. It is finest weblog software as it offers rich group of features and is really simple to monitor. This simple CMS has robust structure that is flexible to customize. This web application permits user to handle blogging and monitoring the blogs of websites.

Our proficiency encompasses site design as well as coding in:

  1. PHP
  2. Javascript
  3. CSS
  4. XHTML

Overview of the facilities that we offer for WordPress development:

  1. Setting up site’s database on the hosting server
  2. Basic setup of wordpress installation on the web server
  3. Development as well as deployment of settings to give nice aesthetic view to your blog 
  4. Adaptation of application to your exact and particular requirements
  5. Automatic addition of content in predetermined areas
  6. Static page creation
  7. Characterization of user profiles
  8. Configuration of menu navigation
  9. Implementation of widgets, labels, categories, etc.
  10. Accomplishment of security modules for setup of WordPress
  11. Adjustments in basic installation for strengthening it against probable attacks
  12. Backup database
  13. Anti-spam items
  14. Installation and configuration of modules and features in your blog
  15. Statistics as well as web analytics
  16. Contact forms
  17. Contextual advertising
  18. RSS
  19. Addition of content from other blogs
  20. Incorporation of top social networks like
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Myspace, etc...
  21. Configuration of elements of your blog to optimize it for search engine
  22. On-page factors that will allow for appropriate indexing
  23. Factors of usability as well as accessibility
  24. WordPress platform maintenance, if you desire you may hire our maintenance service for your blog.

Why use WordPress as a system to develop blogs?

This is an Open Source platform that offers following advantages:

  1. Low expenditure of ownership: In the case of WordPress acquisition cost is nil.
  2. Technological innovation: Each user may use their knowledge plus experience and decide together which point to aim towards the development.
  3. Vendor independence: Openness of source code ensures independence for the provider that makes each company or entity to carry on contributing for development services.
  4. Public Scrutiny: Correction of errors and improvement of the product is carried out quickly and efficiently by user who uses the product.
  5. Adjustment of the software: This feature is helpful for companies and specific industries that require tailored software to perform a specific job.
  6. Languages: Although software is formed and released in one language, being free software assists translation as well as localization for users.

To discover more about WordPress or for asking specific questions related to WordPress give us a call. You may also apply for a free quote.


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