Static Website Design


A static Web Design is a website which is simply designed, is cost effective and extremely beneficial for smaller entities or individuals who are in need of expanding their business through internet. This website is without any extra jazz and is just used to deliver the most basic and important information regarding the product and services. Static website development can be done through low costs and all one needs to do is write down the content in any word processor and then upload it on the internet as an .HTM or .HTML web page. 

Features of Static Websites

A static website design is extremely easy to be linked together and is very simple in character. There are many custom software development companies which provide free templates for static website development.  A static website designing can be done with accordance to your requirements and it is the most uncomplicated way of launching your site and establishing your identity on the internet. A standard static web designing template either uses tables or CSS for positioning of the required content. Custom software development teams or companies prefer using CSS as it gives them the levy to develop formats which are cleaner and with less coding.

Benefits of Static Website Design

A static website design is an ideal way for any business or individual that has products or services which are pretty much fixed and don’t need too many changes on a frequent basis. Custom software development companies can demonstrate for you how a particular website will be presented on the internet and SE friendly copy can also be displayed. Through any static website development or static web design, one can be on a platform to exhibit any type of services, products, information etc. in the most cost effective and efficient way. This form of online advertising is done by many and is pretty beneficial for small time entities. Static website designing is a perfect way to create a spectrum of information on any site where services and products are standard, it is also ideal in case any sort of image or brochure needs to be downloaded. Some custom software development company even term static websites as “Brochure Websites” or “Small Wonder Business Websites”.

Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites

However, Static websites are the most basic kind of sites as mentioned before, very simple and convenient to create and host and unlike websites which are dynamic, they do not need any sort of specialized web programming or language or coding. A few pages of HTML and you can publish your site on a web server.  Every time any changes are required, the particular file is to be re-opened and edited and then saved in order to reflect the changes on the website. The content of the site stays predominantly the same as it needs to be manually changed or updated by the webmaster, it works extremely efficiently with smaller sites than larger ones as they are difficult to maintain and control, these are basically called Dynamic Websites. A database record is required for dynamic websites as they contain too many pages of information and products and are designed by using specific and specially designed templates. This method helps in updating several pages at one time and keeps a consistent layout for the entire site.

Some static websites upload brochures and these can be viewed and downloaded with ease and quickly. If you are thinking of hiring a professional custom software development company to do the job for you then it’s imperative that they understand your requirements correctly and are in sync with designing the layout and analyze your needs and give your maximum results.
Some advantages and disadvantages of a Static Website Design are:

Advantages of Static Website Design

  1. Easy to create and host
  2. Direct and Simple control over the content
  3. Cost Effective and trouble-free Navigation
  4. Image downloads faster in spite of lower bandwidths
  5. Layout of the web page can be changed as and when desired
  6. Preview available before live hosting

Disadvantages of a Static website

  1. Frequencies of updates are irregular and can be an issue later
  2. Process to change can be tedious and lengthy
  3. Maintenance issues if the website gets bigger
  4. Old and stagnant content
  5. Visually not appealing
  6. Not too much information for the end user
  7. Competitors can have a better  and bigger site

Well, designing a static website is without the hassle and comparatively easy than dynamic websites as the technology used is fairly simple and quite suitable where constant updating of products and information is not required for a long period. These static websites are with simple navigation and are also browser friendly.

Each website is built or created with different objectives in mind, once you have determined the kind of site needed and it suits your purpose then reaching potential customers on the internet should not be an issue and attracting them towards your product or services should be a piece of cake.

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