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Social Media for your Business

  • Create it once, see it everywhere.
  • Grab the attention of broad audience.
  • Tweet and share the details.
  • Turn customers into fans, friends and followers and grow your network.
  • Watch your new fans become loyal customers.
  • Monitor what's being said about your business.
  • Strengthen Customer Service.
  • Measure your Social Media Success!
  • Word of digital mouth.

Social Media Marketing Services

  • Creation of profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube
  • Joining Theme Based Groups
  • Promoting profile among other members on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube
  • Tracking visitors from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube using Google Analytics
  • Create Groups and invite other members to join our group
  • Upload website images on social networking sites
  • Adding website's products & services in Facebook Market place
  • Join & take part in different discussion boards on Facebook
  • Upload website videos on social networking sites

Social Media Branding for our clients

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Advantages of Social Media Optimization

  • Increased visibility and brand recommendations on social networks.
  • Greater confidence in the products as well as in brand.
  • Increase the quantity of your fans as well as followers of your brand on social media websites.
  • Higher quality of visitor traffic to your internet site.
  • Enhanced goal conversions/ acquisitions via social media services.

Social media optimization (SMO) permits you to endorse your website via an interactive method; indirectly it assists you in marketing your product(s)/ service(s) to a massive target audience.

SMO can assist you in:

  • Building a brand image.
  • Increasing backlinks, inbound links and direct references from social media websites.
  • Joining the network of the best players in your field.
  • Achieving the targeted segments and potential customers with the aid of social media company.
  • Decrease in the costs of communication/ marketing.
  • Escalating traffic to your site.
  • Augmenting position on search engines.

Social media marketing is of paramount importance as it is useful for building your e-reputation plus it also helps in attaining faithful and loyal visitors.

Testimonials for our Social Media Marketing Services

“Web Development Services,
Canada (WDS) has supported us for performing Social Media Optimization that helped our online business to get new potential customers. We are working with them for over a year and can proudly say that now we have more qualified visitors to our site as well as bounce rate has declined significantly.

A big thank you!”
Cindy, VP, MR. T-Shirt, Canada
We will recommend Web Development Services as one of the best Social Media Company, Canada (WDS) to any organization who wants to invest in SMO for growing their potential customers. We have delegated everything related to social media services and we are contented with the outcome.

For us they specialize in the field of social media branding
Ivan, Director, Custom Drinkware, Canada

Social media services are shifting the way of communication with your customers. It lets you to identify, reach and influence the ambassadors of your market. Today people chat about your products and are ready to give their opinion online on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

If you think, social media marketing plan is not for you?

Think Again…

A simple search in forums or blogs will let you learn more about your products or services, i.e. how customers observe your brand?

Some questions we may answer for you:

  • Do people talk about my products online? For good or bad? Where?
  • Can I get new customers via social media optimization? How?
  • Which strategy for social media optimization is best for me?
  • Do I need accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc? Or can I use facebook for business
  • Can I evaluate the impact of social media marketing services?

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing means the process of improving traffic or attention for your brand via social media sites. Social networks are a gold mine to listen, observe and understand your targeted viewers. Social media services are primarily categorized into: -

  • Involve: Involving the business
  • Create: Creator of traffic and content
  • Speech: Opening the discussion
  • Endorse: Endorsement of business
  • Measure: Measure as well as analyze visitor traffic

Social networks let you to maintain a very close and personal relationship with your customers or fans. But before investing for social media marketing packages you must have an obvious marketing objective. A specific objective to quantify the investment is required for setting the budget for better ROI.

How important it is to create my business profile on FaceBook?

Social media marketing is now all the rage everywhere and to make a business successful it is imperative that it adapts social media optimization along with social media marketing. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become integral part of social media marketing.

Facebook is presently the biggest social media platform to explore and having a customized profile of Facebook is vital to success. Customized Facebook profile creation is growing in popularity and involves giving the profile look and feel as the business website has. Similarly profile creation on other social sites such as Twitter and YouTube is useful and helps a business in proper branding of the website.

Once I run a social media marketing campaign, why should I manage it month-on-month?

Would you run just one ad in the local newspaper and look forward to continue generating leads or phone calls or foot prints? It is absolutely the same concept online. You want your target audience to be able to easily find you when they are looking for products/ services online; which means you have to reside fresh! Always keep in mind that search engines and web directories treat your content like grocery store produce. There is a “sell by” date on almost every piece of digital information. If you’re not putting fresh content on your shelves, you will lose to someone who is searching for you online.

We as an expert Social Media Company based in Toronto can help you create the most favorable plan for managing your business identity on social networking sites and providing you with our professional web development and internet marketing services.

How to choose the best Social Media Company for my business?

For selecting social media company for your business you just require to get answers for these questions.

  1. Will your organization consider our targeted audience at the time of social media marketing?

    Often social media companies focus on creating connections, they do not consider target audience of any niche. What is the use of having thousands of connection if they are not fruitful?
    So select a social media company who can target your specific audience.
  2. How often you do follow up in social media conversations?

    The fact is anyone can post content, if they know how to. But posting content is not the solution. There is a need of understanding copywriting techniques to encourage conversations.
    Social Media Company must monitor online conversations everyday and then, they should promote your products.
  3. How your organization can guarantee that my social media statements will remain consistent with my product?

    Statements are usually shared by social networking site but there is requirement to monitor these statements. Statements that are shared via your profile are related to your product or not?

How can businesses leverage social networking as a platform to promote themselves?

Businesses use social media company for advertising, promotion, new-product development, co-creation of new products, cost-effective customer service and reducing returns.
In their fear to not be left behind, companies are incorporating social networking into most of their strategies. Social media helps you connect with buyers, before and after the sale “Connect with buyers much earlier in their purchasing decision making process.

We as a social media marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada, provides promising solutions to meet your expectations by using the social media platform most effectively and creating a value for your business.

Do’s and Dont’s for SMO


  • Use consistent profile picture on every social site. This will aid you for endorsing your brand. So choose a company logo or an image that reflects your niche.
  • Post information that would be helpful for your followers.
  • Revise your social profile frequently.
  • Keep patience at the time of doing social marketing


  • Don’t spam as you may lose credibility of your brand.
  • Don’t over post related to your product as you may lose a fan or a follower.
  • Don’t utilize downbeat comments for your competitors as it will reflect the same for your brand.
  • Don’t post same content again, no one like to see that.

What should I do to create my identity on Social Networking sites?

For creating your identity on Social Networking sites you need to get indulge in various activities of these sites. Such as creating a profile page for your brand or getting involved in discussions which are associated to your niche. These kinds of involvement will not only enhance your brand image but will also supplements to the number of followers.

Making an identity on social networking sites will also require you to organize events on these sites so that maximum viewers can get acquainted with your identity.