SEO Website Design

You might be of the opinion that website designing and seo optimization are two different things. But this is not so, seo is very much an integral part of the whole website design process, be it a ecommerce web design, cms web design, custom website design or any other type of website designing task.

At the time website is designed, the seo tasks that we perform are:

  1. Making sure CSS files and Javascript files are called from external files
  2. Table less design is used for creation of the website
  3. Images are optimized to load quickly and are not too heavy
  4. Images have ALT tag set for them
  5. All web pages have suitable Page Titles, Meta Keywords & Meta Descriptions set for them
  6. Important keywords on each of the pages are linked appropriately as part of the interlinking process
  7. Add heading tags, bold, italics to important keywords on the site
  8. URL rewriting to make them seo optimization friendly
  9. Reduce HTML code as much as possible to make the site load faster

We are well versed in website designing as well as search engine optimization which can be most beneficial for you as the websites we design, we make sure they are totally seo optimized and not much seo effort is required after the site goes live.

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