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People interested in development of their website with the primary objective of generating inquiries usually go for seo development. As soon as the conceptual phase of how the website is to be developed completes, seo development starts, keeping note of rules and regulations followed in optimization of a site.

Web developers make the site in such a way that it gets visibility in search engines quite quickly and achieve ranking for primary keywords the site targets. A seo web developer here at our Web Development Services seo company is fully knowledgeable in how the HTML code is to be optimized as well as use methods of image optimization.

Let us now look at different components of seo service which we include while developing a website so that it fully adheres to search engine guidelines and meets your goal, which is attracting customers to your website.

  1. Seo optimized domain name based upon theme of your website.
  2. Seo development to include Page Titles, Meta Description & Meta Keywords for all pages.
  3. Adding ALT tag to all the images on the website.
  4. Using Heading tags (H1, H2, H3), Bold tags (B) and Italics (I) appropriately wherever possible on the site.
  5. If you have dynamic website, then suggesting search engine friendly URLs for all the internal pages.
  6. Creating internal linking between pages based on keyword useful for the website.
  7. Check 404 Page Not Found errors and correct them.
  8. Perform seo copywriting to make the content keyword rich and maintain proper keyword density on all web pages.
  9. Instruct website developers to perform validation of HTML code to make it W3C compliant.
  10. Perform 301 Permanent Redirection of your site to www version to avoid duplicate content issues and also set canonical URLs wherever necessary.

By following the above mentioned steps in our seo packages for seo development we make sure that your site starts to appear in search results as soon as web development process finishes and it is visible on most of the search engines.

Our advanced seo development plan can be modified to meet different types of website development requirements so that whatever be the scale of your website you get the right visibility in search engines. From the time website development starts up to the time it is launched our seo web developer will closely monitor every website development stage and ensure that proper on-site optimization is done.

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