Search Engine Marketing Services

Search engine marketing is a very broad category of online promotions and covers things like search engine optimization services, social media optimization pay per click advertising, adwords management which is part of PPC management, email marketing services and other types of online marketing such as video marketing and newsletter marketing.

As part of PPC management & adwords management services we can help you select the keywords which you would like to use in your adwords campaign, manage daily costs of keywords, check CTR for the ads, improve quality score for the ads running in your campaign and increase genuine clicks while reducing CPC.

We also monitor in which time periods in the day your website gets most clicks and run the PPC campaign accordingly in such time periods only to maximize clicks and increase visitor traffic to the web site.

We can also run newsletter marketing campaign for your website and send newsletters to your customers in intervals fixed by you. As nowadays videos have become an important part of social media optimization, we create videos and use them in video marketing campaigns for your site to provide better online visibility to the site.

Our range of services in the Search Engine Marketing domain includes:


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