Portal Development

Businesses grow as well as advance, so do websites. Previously websites were plain with a few sheets of details about the organization as well as its products. But now its time for corporate portals that contain many pages and enormous extent of data, details of the services, user manuals for products, or forums for giving attention to customer inquiries. There is a demand for number of services from your client and for that a great visitor interaction is needed.

Some corporate portals are born as a portal for the wealth of data that becomes source of reliable as well as recurring visits.

WDS is developing web portals for every requirement:

  1. Institutional sites
  2. Portals for online shops
  3. Portals for virtual community
  4. Interactive distance learning sites
  5. Newspapers websites


We focus on identifying the aesthetic and underlying functionality to provide design as well as development of coherent and attractive web portals.

Here are few factors that should be thought about before you feel that you do not need Portal Development.


Corporate portals are typically created for following a comprehensive strategy and trying to bring additional value to clients, dealer plus workers.

Public Purpose

Web sites usually designed on the basis of consumers who are purchasing the products as well as services.

Corporate portals are intended for customer growth and also for growth of data and also to augment resources associated to:

  1. Suppliers
  2. Dealers
  3. Employees
  4. Business associates, etc…



A normal website usually consists of less than 44 pages.

Corporate portals are usually composed of more than 44 pages of information and remain in constant growth.


Normal web sites are usually developed as a marketing tool or e-commerce permits limited interaction with the user.

Corporate portals are usually composed of a series of online services developed for raising productivity, interaction plus availability of data.

Depth Information

The generic websites include data about their products plus services on a very general base.

Corporate portals consist of data on products as well as services in detail. Such as

  1. Manuals
  2. Guides
  3. Forums
  4. Feedback from
  5. Other customer functionalities, etc


Dynamic Content

Ordinary web sites typically consist of static information.

Corporate portals are usually composed of web applications that permit updating and publishing of content in real time (CMS).

Customer Service

The web sites include an email, contact form or phone through which clients may contact.

Corporate portals include a data base with:

  1. Regularly asked questions
  2. Recommendations
  3. Links to detailed product data and its use
  4. Online forms


After getting these things you will certainly feel a requirement for Portal Development. So for Portal Development you may contact us.


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