Magento Development

What is Magento Development?

Today’s online market is flooded with various software and applications however Magento ecommerce development is one of the most preferred  open source platform which provides the most efficient tools for ecommerce solutions.  Magento development is used to build online stores and this platform is supported by My SQL and built on Zend PHP language. Magento has many multi features and give you great control and flexibility with your online business requirements.

Making SEO friendly sites using Magento

With the use of magento development, website traffic is the most important part which gets resolved, since magento improves search engine ranking, it improves websites traffic to the website and in return accelerates leads and revenue for many ecommerce websites. Since it is an open source platform, it is freely available and has very minimal set up and running cost. Typically the set up cost may include hosting cost, domain name registration, extensions costs and the development of a customized theme, however the ROI is very high and this is the main reason many ecommerce development companies use Magento.

Benefits of Magento web development

Magento ecommerce helps you get closer to your customer and let you perform all the customer service related services with extreme ease. For example features like creating an account, multi-language options, custom forms, currency conversion etc. can be done without any extra efforts.  Overall it improves your customer interaction and in return gets superior customer satisfaction.

More benefits of using Magento

Another great feature of Magento development is that it is very user friendly and merchants can create catalogues, add or edit images for any products, review products, set up different modes of payments, manage orders, shipments and inventory.  Magento development provides many promotional and marketing tools like cross-selling, up selling and gives very flexible pricing options which can increase leads in sales and marketing. Besides these, it also has other important features like catalog management, site management, catalog browsing, product browsing, international support, mobile commerce, check out shipping, order management, payment and customer account which makes it an overall effective tool for ecommerce website development.

Hiring an experienced Magento Developer can be an advantage

Hiring a professional Magento developer can be a plus for your online ecommerce site as they can assist you with making your website more effective. An experienced magento development company can understand all your requirements and have technical expertise in building successful ecommerce sites. They have specialised skills and can help in providing many services like Magento skin development, custom module development, integration of payment gateway, photo editing, special widgets and much more.  A Magento ecommerce developer can be hired on hourly, weekly and even monthly basis and can prove to be an asset for all your ecommerce development.

Our Magento development solution helps your business expand and provides you the freedom to add details according to your needs. It is an open source application used for developing ecommerce sites and gives you the flexibility to customize it as required.

Magento development provides the following positive features:

  1. Site management functionality that allows you to control multiple stores & websites from a single administration panel.
  2. Order management lets you can create invoice, view orders, create shipment records required for sales orders and create credit memos.
  3. CMS development system can be integrated for posting articles, sending newsletters and sending emails.
  4. Activate check out system of Google.
  5. Availability of numerous plugins & add-ons that help in increasing functionality.
  6. Make your site seo friendly and meet seo web development goals with option of adding meta tags for products and also for individual categories as well as URL rewriting.
  7. You also get things like product & catalog browsing, mobile commerce, support for multiple currencies, order editing, guest checkout, order tracking, magento template development and multiple images uploading for each product with zoom in capability for images.
  8. Have different currencies & languages for a store thus making it a lot cost effective solution for you.
  9. Database import & export capability to input products into store catalogue.
  10. Plug-ins allowing products to be uploaded in Google shopping.
  11. Theme based structure that separates layouts, skins and templates thereby making it easy to create websites.
  12. Integration of Google website optimizer that can be utilized for A/B testing & multivariate testing.
  13. Real time rate quote with FedEx & UPS integration.
  14. Possibility of having auto generating sitemap.
  15. Scope for your customers to add their reviews while on the website.
  16. Per order multiple shipments & multiple addresses shipping in an order.
  17. Magento connect allowing payment extensions.

Thus you can easily figure out that Magento ecommerce development can help your business grow with so many options that make the website user friendly and by providing them with features & flexibility that helps in ecommerce transactions.

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