Joomla Development

What is Joomla Development?

Joomla development has become the most preferred web development tool nowadays. Joomla offers some of the most innovative solutions to many online business websites and this language can be used to build simple and complex sites. There are numerous features and various advanced tools which makes Joomla a widely used CMS by web development companies. Joomla development can easily be used for large and multifarious websites. 

Different Features of Joomla

Joomla development can be easily integrated and comes with a variety of plug in support. It’s a free application and is a user friendly programming language. Different tasks like Deletion, Modification, Addition, Editing etc of web pages can be done without any hassle. Another important feature is of Joomla Development is that it gives multi-language support.  Joomla development can create intelligent web application and context rich pages of websites and is commonly used to build social networking sites, corporate sites and educational sites.

Many advantages of Joomla Development

Joomla web development is SEO and search engine friendly, it has an amazing built in SEO feature and there are many SEO plug ins which are very beneficial.  Joomla web development has proven successful for many dynamic websites, it can make any site more interactive, user friendly and professional. It also assists in making sites rank better on search engines and gain more traffic and leads.

Joomal web development also makes an ideal CMS for businesses which require constant updates on their sites and the need to communicate frequently with either the staff or the customers.  Joomla ecommerce websites offer many advantages which regular ecommerce sites may not. It is scalable and can match the requirements for all business whether big or small. Joomla can be customized and there are various templates and themes which can be simply assimilated as per requirement.

Why hire a Joomla Developer?

However, it’s important to keep in mind that your website needs to look appealing and professional and not a run of the mill website and that’s why it is advisable to hire a professional Joomla developer.  A Joomla web developer can develop and design a website as per the main functions of the business and use the best Joomla ecommerce open source software to build a superior website and integrate advanced features in to your website which will enable visitors to use more functions on the site like a shopping cart or online check in system.  Hiring Joomla programmers can be done at an affordable fee as the Joomla CMS is free of cost and the only charges would be for the services rendered by the Joomla developer.

Joomla CMS has its own global community and online support. It helps Joomla developers get new updates, templates and development codes constantly.  All this makes Joomla a magic application to work with and in short an impeccable CMS for website developers.

We are the leading providers of Joomla development in the country and with Joomla development through our company you can avail the following features of this strong web development platform.

  1. An open source CMS development & application framework for development of your website.
  2. You can manage multiple users and build an account registration system which will allow users to use their Gmail, OpenID or LDAP account to register on the website.
  3. If you intend to put banners on your site then it is possible to do so from the banner manager section.
  4. If required you can add polls on the website which has multiple options.
  5. Any visitor to the site can rate articles, save as PDF or email them to any friend.
  6. Use template manager to add multiple templates to different sections and use one global one for all the sections.
  7. The application framework will allow you to have an inventory control, customized product catalogs or integrated ecommerce web development.

We have the solution for every web development requirement you may have, be it ecommerce web development or dynamic web development you can be sure of on time delivery which will not comprise on quality and operational flexibility.

Why you must utilize Joomla development for your website?

  1. With Joomla content management system add-ons get a complete marketing and communication tool online, which enables you to utilize the Internet at its best!
  2. Joomla CMS may fulfill any requirements as well as budget for any class of website that can be of any size.
  3. Cost of producing as well as preserving the website with Joomla CMS is much lower in contrast to other solutions.
  4. Joomla CMS permits unlimited scalability: This signifies that it could extend as you require, without re-crafting everything.
  5. Joomla CMS supports multi-language sites.
  6. Visual appearance of website with Joomla CMS is 100% professional and customizable.
  7. Graphic design is endlessly changeable that permits the website to be modern as well as effective
  8. Joomla meets the highest standards of technical requirements and quality 
  9. Joomla CMS is expandable without any limits; you can add
    1. Forums
    2. Online surveys
    3. Event calendars
    4. E-commerce
    5. Newsletters
    6. Wikis
    7. Download managers
    8. Directories
    9. Photo galleries
    10. Audio
    11. Video galleries
  10. Joomla CMS minimizes the cost as well as time of administration
  11. Joomla is open source hence you do not need to pay license fees for purchase or use.

Features as well as functionalities that you could get from Joomla Development

With Joomla CMS you only require to take care of the information and content you have to publish, as the system will handle all other technical and administrative details.

Organization of website: You can efficiently organize the data of the site into sections as well as categories, which provides navigation for users, and accessibility for search engines.

Published Content: Create and edit boundless pages using a simple editor. 

User Management: Joomla permits registered users or potential customers utilize their own database system

Navigation and menu: Both menus as well as other navigation elements are completely customizable.

Media Manager: Joomla has a utility to upload images to the server and use throughout the website.

Polls: Joomla has a voting system as well as dynamic surveys with results in percentage bars.

News Feed: Joomla has an inbuilt system of RSS syndication

Why you should choose “Web development services” for crafting your website with custom Joomla web development?

  1. We develop complete online marketing solutions with Joomla 
  2. We offer more services for Joomla compared to our competitors.
  3. We share what we know and care about spreading all of our core knowledge by way of self-authoring documentation for the administration and management of Joomla!
  4. We offer a greater variety of designs: We have our own catalog also with better designs

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