Email Marketing Services

E-mail marketing is a wide field. It offers remarkable opportunities for achievement of your organization’s goals. Web Development Services (WDS) glad to advice as well as aid you individually, personally for achieving your targets at a fair fixed price. 


We propose you following Email Marketing Services

Verification of your newsletter

Design of newsletter templates

  1. Professional appearance of e-mails and websites for your product as well as services results in perfect online conversations. This persuades and complements your trade.
  2. Design: We produce newsletter templates as per your corporate distinctiveness. Optionally you might send your design plans to assist our creative section.
  3. Topics: For crafting your Newsletter or for supplying you email marketing services we always choose new topics and texts that develop interest in your content.
  4. Comprehensive Tests: Before we launch your newsletter comprehensive tests are made because it is the most significant task in email marketing services.


From years we are contributing to email marketing services hence we consider all relevant factors for your demanding business.

  1. Diverse e-mail clients
  2. Different browser settings
  3. Support for sundry operating systems
  4. Screen resolutions as well as color depths
  5. Spam filters, virus protection and automatic image verification
  6. Flexibility when inserting new content
  7. Newsletter Marketing


To aid e-mail marketing

We arrange for reliable delivery of e-mails and will surprise you with enhanced delivery rates.

  1. Personalization of content for individuals and target group
  2. Performance review
  3. Bounce Rate Management


Insightful analysis for success

How much flourishing Email marketing is?  For this & other questions we send you a report that can be helpful from for future analysis perspective.

We guarantee achievement of your online visibility. You will acquire more than bare figures. In addition to vivid charts, we also supply valuable guidance to you. 

For these subsequent questions you will get a reply:

  1. Where to place your services as well as product?
  2. At which time interested parties are most active?
  3. How good is the class of the address list?
  4. E-mail addresses that are insignificant
  5. What is the success rate of business from newsletter subscribers?
  6. Who opened e-mail or clicked on the link?
  7. Who wants a specific response (e.g. recall)?


We deliver reports graphically and also in preferred format. (E.g. PDF)

For getting email marketing services that may augment your organization in terms of revenue, you just need to contact us.

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