Drupal Development

Drupal is a content management framework (CMF) and content management system (CMS), written in PHP and works with MYSQL database and Apache Server, mostly used for back end of any system for millions of websites across the world. Some well known features of Drupal web development are easy installation and usage and Search Engines friendly. It is also used to customise websites and is an effective platform for websites and applications. Since it has many advanced features, complex and large websites can be built with ease using Drupal.

Drupal development revolves around the usage of various themes, modules and translator tools which can be shared across the globe for free. Drupal is an important social publishing system and a development platform which provides a strong foundation for managing, building and growing websites online.

Drupal web developers have found many advantages of using Drupal web services and though there are many open source CMS which are available, many web developers prefer Drupal web services over others. Some benefits of drupal development are mentioned below:

Benefits of Drupal Development


Easy to create and develop: Drupal web development can be categorised in to modules and it can be customised in such a way that all your information that is designed flows easily with simple blocks. Since Drupal website development is comparatively easier compared to other CMS available, managing content of your web pages becomes effortless.

Convenience of Cost: Drupal development is free of cost and there are no license fees attached in case you are building a website with Drupal web services.  The only cost that will be levied for you would be in case you hire Drupal web developers for your website.

Effective creation of content: Drupal web development makes various types of content like Video, user management, polls, text, podcasts, real time statistics and revision controls manageable in a very flexible way.

Search Engine Friendly: Drupal developers ensure that your website becomes search engine friendly with the use of this CMS, it also helps in ranking your websites higher and gives relief while writing codes. A user friendly interface can be specifically designed to manage the website especially for users with limited technical knowledge.

Time Saver: Drupal development is a CMS which is takes care of your time and doesn’t spend it in vain. It helps drupal developers in building a website within a short span of time.

Dynamic Modification: Once a website is designed using Drupal, it can be modified and changed by creating any module modification. It is very flexible in nature and drupal developers can mould it in to any sort of user generated site / content centered site. Whether it’s a social media site which needs users to submit votes and polls on certain content or a forum or job board, Drupal can get everything done easily.

Developer Savvy: A drupal web developer will never feel overwhelmed while using it as there are no limitations on this CMS. Drupal focuses on the needs and convenience of the developer and makes it user friendly for everyone.

Built - in support for cache:  Drupal web development has a built - in support system for caching web pages, this helps in reducing the load on your web server. It also fastens and improves the page response time and helps your server perform better.

Flexible custom web development: Graphics and codes are separated and the entire code is split in to two different portions. Through Drupal web development, websites can be built and improved upon within the existing module and modifications can be done easily. All sorts of content like image, text, audio, flash, video etc are supported by Drupal. It also helps in reverting to the old version.

Powerful Taxonomy: Drupal developers can use a very powerful and useful built in tool known as taxonomy sometimes even referred to as categorization. This system assists in organizing and tagging the website content with rich SEO friendly buzzwords or keywords. There are also option available for multiple or single categories. This is a very useful function and without the hassle of writing new codes one can customize it as per choice.

Multiple user management: Different user’s roles and access can be given to multiple users with various controls. Web services and API can be integrated in an easy and simple manner and many community based features can also be easily integrated. Portals and websites belonging to different verticals like news, corporate websites, reference sites, social networking, Ecommerce portals, and community portals can all be developed with drupal features and guidelines. One of the biggest advantage with Drupal development is the availability of various plug ins and updated versions on the internet and all of them are for free. There are no licensing charges or fees attached to get access to them.

Assistance from experts: There is an open community online where one can seek assistance from Drupal Developers, people who are masters and experts in this field. Any issues or queries with websites can be resolved by seeking help from Drupal specialists.

Your website could be designed in a matter of weeks in place of months as drupal is not the CMS. It is a robust system that is created for completing your site in the most minimal time. If your site or project necessitates any specific drupal module development then we may aid you in that. Our association has experts for drupal development that could craft your site.

We carry out projects as well as drupal based web applications. Development of complete

  1. Drupal website
  2. Themes
  3. Module programming

Other services are carried by us. 

Drupal is quite popular web development and CMS development platform because of its open source architecture. The other positive things about Drupal are its safety, scalability, price and option of custom coding to suit your business needs.

Numerous themes are available to suit your drupal site but if you necessitate customized theme for site then we have experienced theme developers. These developers may aid you to design theme on the bases of your requirement.

With drupal your existing or your new site could provide more functionality. You may get dynamic website with robust CMS that could be managed easily are without any acquaintance of web designing. If your website needs daily updates and has to interact with customers then Drupal is the solution you should be looking at. Despite of the large number of drupal modules, some individual project requires drupal module development. It may be due to performance reasons or due to any specific project requirement. So if your organization has any custom prerequisite then our drupal developers could fulfill that.

Drupal works with web server such as Microsoft IIS & Apache and can be used with database servers like MySQL and PostgreSQL. It will be the web development service to select if:

  1. A flexible site is required which can be modified as needed. As an example, you can develop a blog but would like to add other functionalities such as ecommerce web development, wiki or forums at later stage.
  2. Site is to be created which would be able to handle complex workflows and web forms.
  3. You require access to functionality which can allow you to make different content types on your own like adding custom fields to a web page.
  4. Mashups and web applications are to be created with the use of 3rd party APIs.
  5. You want to make the website search engine friendly with provision of adding Meta data and create SEO optimization specific site URLs.
  6. You require access to add on modules which number in thousands.
  7. You have to develop a website which you can easily configure for interacting with different technologies & websites.

We have experienced and professional Drupal developers to meet all or any of your web development requirements as stated above and can also provide customized solutions which would cater to unique requirements your website demands.

Getting a drupal site is also profitable from the facet of SEO as drupal has crafted numerous modules for this purpose such as:

  1. Page Title
  2. Nodewords
  3. Related Content
  4. Pathauto
  5. Sitemap
  6. Path Redirect
  7. Global Redirect
  8. Google Analytics Module
  9. XML Sitemap

Each module has significant advantage for your site.

As the functions of presentation are in theme not in module, thus it is very easy to alter the layout of the site by adding new theme. Drupal also supplements extensive library of module as well as themes.

Our drupal theme developer have acquaintance of durpal CMS combined with the skills of XHTML/CSS permits our organization to offer quality work. The establishment of a drupal theme is neither more nor less then a work of integration of XHTML/CSS applied to the mechanics of drupal template engine. This engine is primarily composed of PHP utilizing XHTML plus structure of PHP variables to display content on the site.

Our drupal theme developers could offer these services:

  1. Crafting of drupal theme from photoshop mockups
  2. Optimization as well as crafting of templates as per requirement
  3. Advancement of theme as per drupal version. (5x, 6x or 7x.)
  4. Compliance W3C work on templates
Inquired Now
Administration Modules

Jammer module is utilized for hiding items from a specific user. Means you can hide items or part of your site which may confuse specific category of users. Using this you can hide:

  • Node
  • Comment preview buttons
  • Node delete button
  • Revision log textarea
  • Workflow form
  • Feed icon

Search Engine Referers:
This module is utilized for checking search engine queries that are used by the visitor of your site. Currently this module is supported by:

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Live.com
  • Yandex.ru
  • Rambler.ru

AntiSpam module of drupal development is a descendant of the Akismet, as well as it safeguards from spam. This module completely gels with 6.x as well as it also supplements support for other antispam services such as:

  • TypePad
  • Defensio
  • Akismet
It means you can opt for the service you require.

Tab Tamer:
Tab Tamer module is a utility that supplements a way to re-order, hide as well as deactivate tabs plus subtabs. Admin is also permitted to alter the label for tab.This drupal development module utilizes drag ordering.

Menu Editor:
Menu Editor Module augments or makes easy to edit menus. It offers a form with title field, description field as well as path field. It also supplements placeholders for items. So instead of creating one menu at a time you can make and alter all the menus at the same time.

Feedback module permits a visitor to send feedback about the display of your site. It utilizes fixed positioned as well as ajaxified form. This helps the administrator to maintain the quality of the content as well as theme of your site. As this module is utilizing AJAX so user will not be redirected a different page and can continue to see content of the site.

Drupal SEO Friend:
This module supplies reports for:

  • Meta Tags-nodes Report
  • Meta Tags-path Report
  • Page Title Report
  • Referrer Report
  • Hooks
These reports assist in enhancing the SEO of your drupal site.

Security Review:
This module in drupal development automates the process of checking configuration errors which are making your site vulnerable to attacks. Main concern of this module is to elevate the signification of securing your site. This module alerts you about the security problems in your site.

Views data export:
This module permits drupal developers to export huge data from views. It supplies display plugins that renders in batch. It has support for:

  • CSV
  • XML
  • Microsoft XLS
  • Basic TXT
  • Microsoft DOC

User registration notification:
This drupal development module informs the administrator about the new registration. If a user updates its profile then this module generates an email to notify the user about its activities.

In drupal Spam Module supplies various tools for auto detecting as well as dealing with the spam. This module comes with trainable filter which can detect spammer plus you can also customize this filter.

Modr8 in drupal, supplies an administrative interface via which administrator can organize moderation content. This constrains user from viewing content plus you can approve or delete the content. Administrator can also send email to content developers for him about the content status.

Filter permissions:
Filter permissions module supplies a filter above permission page so that you can mange your site if your site has huge amount of roles as well as permissions.

Theme Editor:
This module supplements an interface that permits to edit drupal themes while using drupal site. Means for editing theme you do not require ftp access. You just need to alter the theme file via drupal while using it and it is updated.

Linkit grant a simple interface for the purpose of internal linking. Linkit connects to:

  • Nodes
  • Users
  • Views
It dose so by utilizing special autocomplete functionality.

Options Element:
This module offers a simplified mechanism for giving a select list, radio button or check box options. Instead of asking users for weird syntax like pipe or comma you can implement this module.

Multiselect module provides a widget that is utilized in combination with CCK fields. This module permits user to choose more then one item in a very simple manner. This provides two lists of items that are available and the other list of selected items.

This module permits administrator to manage create user in a more convenient way. With this you can create multiple users easily as well as assign them roles with a one click.

SimpleMenu module generates a menu bar that can be seen at top of the page. This menu utilizes jQuery for positioning the bar plus it is IE compatible. It is helpful for themes that are not having a clear place for menus.

Translation Overview:
This module provides a page that shows a table listing of the nodes that are translated in to other languages. It permits to set the privileges for translating nodes to different languages.

Usually block module is bound to have one instance but this multiblock module permits to generate multiple block instance of an existing block that you are having on your drupal site.

This module permits the administrator to generate customized error pages for the error 404 as well as for the error 403, plus you don’t have to generate nodes for them.

ThemeKey module permits you to apply simple as well as sophisticated switching protocols that permit robust selection of theme depending on:

  • Current path
  • Taxonomy terms
  • Language
  • Node-type
  • Other properties

Content Management Filter:
Content Management Filter module supplements a method for the easy administration and to filter the content on a drupal site.

Menu Settings per Content Type:
This module permits the user to arrange the menu settings with the specific content for content alteration by content type.

This module permits rows of view drag gable; it means you may organize them by drag n drop. With this you can manage the complex structures by utilizing few clicks.

Schema module permits additional schema related functionality that are not given by the core schema application path interface. This module comprises:

  • Schema documentation
  • Schema structure generation
  • Schema comparison

Module Filter:
As the name signifies, this module is used for filtering. This module displays every module in an alphabetical order. Filter via text field is available but it does not support auto complete.

Hierarchical Select:
This module enhances the method or way for users to choose items that are to be selected in hierarchy. Through this module you can make the selection as deep as it can be done.

Menu attributes:
This module permits you to allocate few extra attribute for menu items like:

  • Id
  • Name
  • Target
  • Rel
  • Class
  • Style
  • Accesskey
It is used if you desire to utilize jquery or nofollow links in menus.

Secure Pages:
It is a small module that will redirect the pages to SSL version of that page. This module ensures that user is using a secure page if they create or edit content.

You just need to ensure that web server is SSL enabled plus Drupal is configured to maintain SSL access.

String Overrides:
This module offers an easy as well as quick method for changing/replacing any of the text material on your site. Few features of this module are:

  • Easy use
  • Locale support
  • Import/export facility

If you desire to switch back as well as fro from one user to another then masquerade module is meant for you. This is usually helpful for developers but it should be utilized with very much care.

Site verification:
Site verification module helps in checking authentication of your website for search engines like:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
If any of the search engines ask to upload the file then you can do that via this module and all the records will be saved for reference.

Taxonomy Manager:
Taxonomy Manager offers an influential interface for handling taxonomies. A vocabulary is shown in the form of tree view and the pared terms can be elaborated to show their child terms.

Views Bulk Operations (VBO):
This module enhances the views by permitting bulk operation to be done on displayed rows. It displays a checkbox at the faced of every node, plus a select box that encompasses the operation that have to be applied.

Path redirect:
This module permits you to point a redirect from one path to a different path or to an external url, by utilizing any of the HTTP redirect status.
This module should be used with these modules:

  • Pathauto
  • Elements
  • Global Redirect
  • Pathologic
  • Taxonomy redirect
  • Links checker

Nice Menus:
This module offers the functionality to add the fly menu to your site without hard coding anything. You can easily craft the menus of your choice as well as you can decide the direction from the three options given.

  1. Drop-down
  2. Right
  3. Left

Global Redirect:
It is a simple module that offers clean url for a path of a site. This module is significant because Drupal does not remove old url, it means same data can be accessed via old url. Unfortunately it is an alarming situation as your site can be move to sandbox by search engines. So for avoiding this critical condition global redirect is used.

Devel can be seen as the assistant function for Drupal developers as well as for administrators. It prints the synopsis of database queries at the bottom of the page. This helps in optimizing performance of the site.

Backup and Migrate:
As the name signifies this module is utilized for taking backup of your site. With this module you can backup some of your tables in a file plus you can also restore your database from it. Cache data is not included by default.

Advanced help
Advanced help module permits module developer to keep the help outside the system of modules. This system also combines with drupal search plus it also indexed, so that it may be searched via keywords. It does not require much support of any module.

This module permits user to utilize client side editor for the purpose of editing content. It reduces the complication of switching between editors which can be configured with drupal.

Basically it acts as a glue to configure different editors. It means you can use more than one editor using this “Wysiwyg”.

Administration menu:
This module offers theme independent layout for the purpose of administration. It aid users or administrators who are migrating from other CMS. It offers quick access to administrative interface of Drupal.

It implements caching on client side to enhance performance on server side.

Pathauto module crafts path aliases for numerous categories of contents. These aliases are crafted on the basis of the system that is controlled by administrator. This module does not work alone it requires a backup from Token Module.

Other modules that must necessarily be configured with this module are:

  1. Path Redirect: It is useful if your path changes at the time of update.
  2. Global Redirect: It is useful for redirecting node url to alias url.