CMS Development

For many years we have developed CMS websites for companies and offer extensive experience from a variety of projects. From start-ups to large medium, we develop web sites in all possible forms. We support our customers at all stages from initial concept to the time site goes online. We assist in designing, delivering web design, selecting appropriate content management system and train our customers so that they are independently able to maintain their website.

Website development with content management systems

Concept, design and templates

Together with customer, we record all the details and the content structure of the website to fulfill their website development requirements. From this we create a concept in which all the necessary navigation channels and display options are recognized.

In close consultation with our client, we create a concept of the screen design. Here, usability of the website, a high-quality look and feel and consistent presentation of design elements in the layout play a major role for corporate identification. In the technical implementation we focus heavily on the international standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to ensure the suitability of the site for all modern browsers.

Content management systems

We do dynamic web development using open source content management system. A content management system, CMS for short is a mechanism that is used for creating, structuring and managing content on your website and also allows editorial maintenance of your website. CMS solutions are constantly evolving and are characterized by a large user base, hence millions of users world wide have successfully utilized CMS development for maintaining their websites. There is no doubt that CMS is most suitable for professional use.

Your website can have a content management system in PHP and mounted on a Linux server, an efficient technology for viewing web pages on Internet, with a MySQL database, which will feed information for the public interface. For optimum performance you can have portal development for your website, the construction is based on the current structure, redefining a way as to create, update, upload, and delete information directly through the Web.

The main advantage is customization of a client server application that lets you manage all content through queries to a database. This improves response time and speed of loading the site, along with a dynamic interface with management packs, search, forms, surveys, news, calendar, etc.

CMS Development services we provide:

  1. Website redesign based on existing graphic structure (or set in the new design format).
  2. Website construction using content management system such as Drupal Development, Joomla Development or Wordpress Development to update website content (texts, images, etc.).
  3. Implementation and integration of standard module to the CMS.
  4. Implementation and integration of special modules to CMS.
  5. Basic training for individuals who are designated as administrators (webmaster, administrator, etc.), to update the site remotely.
  6. Special CMS Development like online catalog, online store, shopping cart and stock control.
  7. Basic Training Online Store management, for people who are designated as administrators (webmaster, administrator, etc.), to raise / remove products, update prices, among other actions remotely.
  8. Configuration and installation of database (MySQL).
  9. Site’s seo optimization in major search engines (Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.)
  10. Implementation of Production Server Configuration.

If you are planning to develop your website through the use of CMS development (Content Management System) or want to make use of any of the services that we provide then you can contact us for more information.

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