Adwords Management

Our adwords management services include:

  1. Adwords account management
  2. Campaign management
  3. Creating & managing ad groups
  4. Creating optimized ad formats
  5. Setting up location & language targeting
  6. Selecting placement targeting which is required for display networks
  7. Decide about the campaign budgets
  8. Maintaining ad quality
  9. Check invalid clicks
  10. Select billing options; postpay or prepay
  11. Merge Google Analytics & Google Adwords accounts
  12. Set up conversion tracking
  13. Manage multiple adwords accounts
  14. Select most suitable keywords for use
  15. Fix daily budgets & Cost Per Click (CPC) value
  16. Set preferences for ad positioning
  17. Improve quality score & work to increase Click Through Rate (CTR)
  18. In CPC bidding select manual or automatic bidding
  19. For ads in display networks decide about selecting Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) bidding or not

As it is clear from the above, we have comprehensive PPC management & Google Adwords management experience which can help you to extract full value out of your adwords campaign costs.

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